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Bedsore Lawyer in California

Bedsores and Nursing Home Negligence

Knowing the realities of nursing home abuse can help you and your family to be better able to recognize the symptoms of elderly abuse in nursing homes and react quickly before a bedsore outbreak, or another ailment associated with neglect becomes a significant health issue. Bedsores in nursing homes is a growing problem that can often lead to bringing in a nursing home negligence lawyer to fight your case.

Bedsores can occur when you are left alone for too long in bed. Even patients who are confined to their bed will not develop sores if they are treated properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many patients are left unattended for prolonged periods of time. If you are not being shifted in your bed at regular intervals, are not being bathed properly, and do not have the care and attention that you deserve, bedsores can develop.

If your loved one is suffering bed sores from the neglect of a nursing home, contact California personal injury attorneys at Johnson Attorneys Group right away. Call us at 1 800-248-6822 for a free consultation.

California Nursing Home Neglect Laws

If you or a loved one is suffering from pressure sores due to elder abuse or neglect at the hands of the people you have paid to provide vital care, our team of nursing home neglect lawyers at Johnson Attorneys Group can help. It is a sad fact that residents in California suffer nearly double the national average of abuse instances. Because you are entitled to compensation, it is important that you seek legal advice immediately. There is no requirement to have medical insurance in order to pursue your legal rights, and no fee will be due until the conclusion of the settlement process. It is important to understand the rights afforded to you under the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act. This law is in place to protect you from suffering that is caused by neglect or abuse.

Compensation Available for Nursing Home Neglect Victims Suffering from Pressure Sores

Not every personal injury attorney is qualified to represent your interests in all elder abuse cases. Finding a dedicated California nursing home abuse attorney to represent your case, can make a substantial difference in the outcome and resolution of your complaint. The law in our state provides compensatory damages to be paid to victims who suffer elder abuse and neglect. If you are in the horrible situation of suffering from bed sores due to the negligence of others, or one of your loved ones is, please contact us right away so that we can help to put a stop to the harm.

Get a Free Nursing Home Bed Sores Lawsuit Case Review

The team at Johnson Attorneys Group has an experienced nursing home negligence attorney that will work for you, and won’t collect any money until you win your case. We are experienced in this particular type of law and have the experience that you need to get the settlement you deserve. General personal injury lawyers do not have the training and experience that will get you the most positive outcome possible. Contact Johnson Attorneys Group in California today and we will come to consult with you at your nursing home in order to put a stop to the neglect and get you the justice that you deserve. We also conveniently have 22 locations in California. Give us a call at 1 800-248-6822 for a free consultation.

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