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Birth Injury Lawyer in California

What Are Birth Injuries and How Can They Occur?

During your labor and delivery, your doctor will be looking for signs and symptoms that something could be wrong and make sure that they act fast to rectify any problem they may suspect. When signs of fetal distress or complications occur, some doctors fail to act quick enough which can lead to lifelong complications for your little one.

While there are a variety of injuries that can occur at birth some of the most common issues that create the need for lifelong care and treatment of your child include:

  • Cerebral Palsy – an injury that occurs during birth and can lead to varying degrees of mobility and developmental complications.
  • Erb’s Palsy – can occur during a difficult birth and is caused by nerve damage to the arms and torso which leads to paralysis of the body.
  • Brain Damage and Head Injury – can also occur due to a difficult birth and is often linked to a decrease in oxygen during the laboring and birthing process. Brain damage can occur in varying degrees and lead to development, mental, and physical delays and complications.

If your child suffered a birth injury in California, it is critical to act so that you will be able to afford the lifelong care your child will need, Our California personal injury attorney at Johnson Attorneys Group is here to help, and your consultation is free and risk-free. If you don’t win or settle your case, we won’t charge you for our services. Contact us today at 1-800-208-3538.


California Birth Injury Laws

Once your child suffers a birth injury, you may hear a host of reasons and excuses, but the truth is the doctor or hospital could be the ones responsible for the injury. Your doctor and the hospital staff are tasked with keeping you, and your baby monitored adequately during the labor and delivery process and should address any complications such as lack of oxygen or possible infection immediately to prevent injury at birth.

In the state of California, if the parents followed medical advice and their child suffered a birth injury, the doctor or hospital may be found responsible of causing or failing to prevent the injury if they failed to perform their duties. This liability can come from failing to monitor you and your child, making mistakes during the delivery procedure, such as improperly using tools to get the baby out of the birth canal including forceps and vacuums, failing to protect the baby against the risk of infection, or not properly and quickly address concerns that could lead to birth injuries such as brain damage.

Get a Free Case Review for Your Birth Injury Case Form an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer at Johnson Attorneys Group in California Today

It is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible when your child has suffered a birth injury. Insurance companies and legal teams that are hired to represent the doctor or hospital will employ investigators to prevent the medical staff from being held responsible. You will need a skilled negotiator in your corner to help you navigate the court system and be able to strive to reach the best possible outcome for your family. At Johnson Attorneys Group, we have recovered more than $90 million for our clients and don’t require any payment unless we settle or win your case.

If your child has been the victim of a birth injury in California, Contact Johnson Attorneys Group today at 1-800-208-3538 to schedule your free consultation.

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