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Electrocution Injury Lawyer in California

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, (NIOSH), more than 400 people die in the United States each year due to contact with electricity. Electricity is responsible for 7% of all deaths in the workplace—and not just for electricians. The most common causes of electrical injuries and deaths are when people come into contact with electrical wiring, when they come into contact with overhead power lines, and when machinery has an electrical malfunction.


Electrocutions and Electric Shock

Death is not the only outcome from contact with electricity. Electric shock can leave burns on the skin, and it is possible that internal organs and tissues could become severely damaged by stray electric currents. Electric current passing through the body can also cause cardiac arrest and other heart injuries, and it can even cause injuries that require the victim to have limbs amputated.

Liability for Electrical Injury

In most situations, an electrical injury could be prevented with appropriate precautions. When a person is injured or dies, the victim or their loved ones may be able to get compensation for their pain and suffering as well as other compensation. Our experienced California attorney at Johnson Attorneys Group can help the victim determine if there is a basis to seek damages. He also helps determine if defective products were caused by human interference or if they came from the manufacturer in a dangerous condition; and determines if attempted repairs caused the problem, thus shifting the blame to another party.

If a person is injured or killed while working, they can usually file a claim for relief from workers’ compensation laws which can help pay expenses. If other parties were involved in creating an environment in which the danger of electrocution was present, then more parties can be named in an electrical shock injury lawsuit, thus increasing the opportunity to receive damages.

California Electrocution Laws

Some electrical accidents are caused by problem wiring, violations of working conditions and OSHA safety standards, electrical explosions, or known electrical hazards may be reasons an employer could be liable for electrocution injuries or deaths. Improper protective equipment, incomplete training, a lack of proper inspections, and inadequate maintenance may also be indications and factors for liability and negligence.

If a person becomes suffers an electrocution injury while they are a guest at a business, or hile on someone else’s property, they can also file a claim that the other party is liable. Property owners are expected to maintain their properties and keep them free from danger. If a visitor is killed or injured while on the property, it is possible that the owner of the property did not take reasonable precaution to keep their property free from the risk of an accident.

Types of Compensation

Injured parties or their loved ones may receive compensation for the following:

  • Medical treatment including hospital visits and ER visits,
  • Doctor treatments requiring follow-up care may be covered,
  • Pain and suffering damages may also be included in compensation as a result of the accident,
  • Physical damage, such as power lines coming in contact with a vehicle,
  • Lost wages and future earnings may come into play if you are required to miss work due to an electrical accident in which another party is liable for,
  • Punitive damages are possible if the courts decide the responsible party should have done more to prevent an accident.

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