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Fair Accidents Lawyer in California

For most people, going to the local fair can be a lot of fun. However, when a fair accident occurs, it can be very serious, including bodily trauma and death. It’s up to states and local governments to inspect a fair, but several states don’t even require an inspection. When there is an inspection, it is often only a quick visual inspection. If you or a loved one has suffered an accident at a fair, there are several things that must be done. You have a lot of paperwork to complete, including insurance and medical bills. You must attend doctor’s appointments, and speak with insurance representatives and other people over the phone. None of this easy, especially if you are in physical or emotional pain. On top of that, you have regular bills to pay and you might be suffering from a lack of income due to your physical disability and mental anguish. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. Our legal staff can help you by finding a doctor, even if you don’t have health insurance. Not only that, but we can advocate for you so that you can receive the money that is owed to you because of your injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at a fair in California, our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help you. Remember that we don’t charge any fees for service unless we settle a case to your satisfaction or win a trial. For a free consultation, call 1-800-208-3538.

Carnival Ferris Wheel At Amusement Park in California

California Fair Laws

A thorough investigation is required before holding any one person or company responsible for an injury at a fair. Responsibility can be due to negligence on the part of the manufacturer, the people setting up the ride, the fair company, the inspectors, engineers, event sponsors, or even product liability. Negligence can be caused by duty, breach of duty, or causation. One example of duty is when a fair operator is supposed to operate the machine in a prescribed manner, but neglects to do so. A breach of duty can occur when someone neglects to do what is reasonable, such as allowing a person to ride a machine that previously had problems. Causation can happen when a person is held directly responsible for someone’s injury, such as when a person plays a prank on another person at a fair that results in their injury.

What Type of Compensation Can I Expect?

People who suffer injuries at a fair can seek compensation under California state law. Compensation may include paying for medical bills, recovering from mental and physical pain, paying for physical damage to the injured party’s personal possessions, and loss of income and future earnings. Punitive damage may also be available to deter the possibility of injury to others in the future.

California Fair Deaths

There have been 22 reported deaths since 2010 at fairs, including bodily dismemberment and trauma. You can file a wrongful death lawsuit if someone close to you has died because of negligence at a fair.

Choose Johnson Attorneys Group as Your Fair Accident Lawyer in California

Event managers and fair companies will do everything they can to save money and protect their reputation. That’s why you need experienced advocates on your side to make sure you get a just compensation for your California fair accident. Keep in mind that Johnson Attorneys Group won’t charge you for any legal fees until we have successfully reached a settlement or won your case in court. For a free case evaluation, call 1-800-208-3538.

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