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Falling Objects Injury Lawyer California

Falling object injuries do happen. They typically happen because of someone’s negligence. Without question, one or more parties have a duty to keep the construction area safe for pedestrians. Yet uncovering liability for injuries caused by falling objects depends on both California law and the facts of each case.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a falling object at or around a California construction site, our personal injury lawyers are here for you. We don’t charge any fees unless we successfully settle or win your case.

For a free case evaluation, call today at 1-800-208-3538 to speak with an experienced California personal injury lawyer at Johnson Attorneys Group.

When Pedestrians Are Hurt by Objects Falling from Construction Sites, We Uncover Negligence.

If material falling off a forklift, crane, scaffolding, or other raised surface causes harm, someone is responsible for allowing the unsafe condition. For example:

  • The site might lack safety fences, side screens on scaffolding, or clearly posted statements that the area may only be entered by people wearing hard hats.
  • Failure to correctly inspect and service cranes, forklifts, hoists, and raised surfaces can lead to uncorrected safety issues, resulting in falling parts or debris.
  • Loose tools falling from a raised work area can also injure a person walking below the site.

The Law Addresses Falling Objects on California Construction Sites.

A pedestrian harmed by falling construction debris, parts, or machinery may have claims against the construction company, its contractors, or both. In a personal injury lawsuit for the damage done by the falling material, a plaintiff must connect the dots. To seek compensation for construction site injuries caused by negligence:

  • The injured person’s attorney identifies all people responsible for construction-area safety.
  • The attorney shows that the defendant(s) breached that duty; and that
  • That breach caused the injury.

Who are the defendants? Most sites involve a number of contractors—and the owner of the premises. Uncovering responsibility involves obtaining and studying the contracts and inspecting the site for possible premises liability. The injured person may have viable claims against multiple parties. If faulty equipment is an issue, a manufacturing or design defect may come into play.

The individual case will turn on facts. Compensation will depend on thorough preparation. Records of medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, or decreased quality of life on account of the injury must be carefully curated for your legal action.

Hire an Experienced Accident Attorney in California for Your Case. We Offer a Complimentary Initial Consultation.

Defendants resist admitting fault. Insurance companies deploy armies of investigators and administrators to protect their bottom line. It takes legal acumen, experience and stamina to defeat them or settle successfully. Because these cases turn on multiple facts and conditions, you need a seasoned negotiator on your side. As a skilled construction accident attorney in California, Johnson Attorneys Group will seek the maximum recovery for your construction site accident. In recent years our California accident lawyers have recovered damages for our clients surpassing $97 million. Johnson Attorneys Group has experience obtaining compensation for pedestrians injured by falling objects. Our clients’ healing comes first, and we don’t charge for work on construction accidents and injury cases—unless and until we prevail.

For your appointment with a construction accident attorney who will evaluate your case, give us a call at 1-800-208-3538 today.

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