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Human Trafficking Lawyer in California

Lawyer for Human Trafficking Victims in California

Most Californians would find it difficult to imagine that human trafficking is still a concern in the state. “Human trafficking “ is an expression behind which a sad reality exists, for example, garment workers forced to work in overcrowded rooms, girls forced into prostitution and many more instances. Unfortunately, most of these victims are hidden from the public eye.

If you have been involved in a human trafficking incident, contact the Johnson Attorneys Group via 1-800-208-3538 for a complimentary case evaluation.

Human Trafficking Definitions Under California Law

In September 2005, California passed its first anti-trafficking law to make human trafficking an offense and help victims in reforming their lives. Today, the California law prohibiting human trafficking can be found at Penal Code 236.1. Under the law, human trafficking is defined as the illegal trade in humans for commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor. Commercial sexual exploitation is defined as receiving anything of value from the forced sexual conduct of another person. In this context, force includes coercion or threats of violence. Violation of one’s liberty is placing a substantial restriction on someone’s freedom. This means the restriction of liberty must have been accomplished by forceful means.

Human Trafficking Crimes Charged Under California Law

There are several variations of human trafficking felonies charged under the California law. They include;

Sexual trafficking crimes: Sexual trafficking is the act of coercing or transporting an individual for a commercial sex act. These offenses are most prevalent in brothels, clubs, massage parlors and escort services.

Labor trafficking: This is the act of forcing an individual to work for little or no compensation.

What a Human Trafficking Lawyer in California Can Do for You

Hiring a competent human trafficking lawyer affords you a decent chance to get justice from the legal system. Here’s what a human trafficking lawyer at Johnson Attorneys Group in California can do for you;

  • Case evaluation: This involves analyzing the facts on the table and determining the best approach to use. A competent attorney examines the evidence, and facts in detail to establish a strong case for you.
  • Effective representation: Human trafficking cases involve complex legislation, and you need an experienced attorney to prove to the court beyond reasonable doubt that you are a victim.
  • Securing fair compensation: If you have been affected by human trafficking acts, the law demands that you be compensated. A competent attorney will ensure you get the deserved amount of compensation.

Contact Johnson Attorneys Group: A Human Trafficking Lawyer in California You Can Count On

Johnson Attorneys Group is a human trafficking lawyer in California. Based in 12 convenient locations to serve our clients, we have recovered $98.4 Million in settlements for our clients in the recent past. Our legal staff is available around the clock to help you; we offer our services in English and Spanish. Further, we do not charge any legal fee unless we have settled your case. Finally, we take the time with each of our clients to ensure they fully understand the legal process then walk with them every step of the way. We would love to represent you today, contact us at 1-800-208-3538 today for a free case evaluation.

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