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Improper Turn Car Accident Lawyer

Improper turns make up a significant number of car accident cases. Most have a clear indication of who is liable for the damages that result. However, suppose you suffered an injury or lost someone dear to you because of a careless driver making an improper turn. In that case, you are responsible for proving the driver’s negligence and the losses you seek to recover. With the help of an improper turn car accident lawyer who understands the nuances of these cases, you can likely access a more adequate settlement faster.

Improper turn car accident lawyer Johnson Attorney Group

What Constitutes an Improper Turn?

Improper turns occur when someone abruptly stops without signaling or abiding by traffic laws. Even without an accident, this action can result in a traffic ticket. Some common examples of improper turning include:

  • U-turns. You can make a U-turn in California only under certain conditions, such as in a residential area with no nearby vehicles or at a green light where it is safe and legal. However, u-turns are illegal on divided highways, railroad crossings, business districts, and in any condition reasonably considered unsafe.
  • Wide turns. Making a turn requires staying inside the lines and away from the curb. A turn is too wide if it causes you to bleed into the other lanes.
  • Prohibited turn. Anytime you make a turn that violates a turn sign or signal, it is an improper turn.

If you suffered an injury because someone made an illegal turn, you have the right to file a claim against that person. California is an at-fault state, meaning the person who violated traffic laws and the duty of care they owed to other drivers is responsible for the cost of damages resulting from the accident.

What Can an Improper Turn Car Accident Lawyer Do for You?

When you hire a car accident lawyer to help you build your case against the party responsible for your accident and injuries, they perform all the tedious tasks you may find overwhelming while healing from your injuries. Some benefits they provide include:

  • Using their experience and understanding of auto accident laws to investigate the accident and connect the improper turn to the accident that caused your injuries
  • Using their negotiation skills and evidence collected to argue for a fair settlement as quickly as possible
  • Identifying all the available economic and non-economic damages associated with your case
  • Protecting your right to compensation throughout the legal process
  • Offering a professional presence in your place while you focus on recovering from your injuries

Having an attorney on your side means you have someone looking out for your best interests while negotiating with an insurance adjuster tasked with protecting the company above all else. In addition, with legal representation, you eliminate all the overwhelming responsibility you have to prove negligence and your claim for damages and place it in the hands of a qualified legal expert.

What Should You Do After a Can Accident To Protect Your Right to Compensation?

Building your case can start as soon as the crash’s immediate aftermath. You can take a few steps in the moments, days, and weeks following the crash to protect your right to compensation. Consider the following steps:

  • Report the crash. Even if the damage to your vehicle and your injuries seem minor, report the accident to the police. Under more circumstances, they will arrive at the scene and investigate, filing all their findings in an accident report. If someone made an improper turn that resulted in the crash, the police can typically tell and will include that information in their account.
  • Document everything. You can take photographs and record videos at the scene showing the damages, visible injuries, and location. You can also keep a journal documenting your experience and the physical and emotional pain in the weeks following.
  • Have a medical evaluation. Seeing a doctor within at least 72 hours following a crash is critical for relating your injuries directly to the accident. Waiting too long could harm your health and allow the insurance company to deny your claim.
  • Only discuss the case with an attorney. Talking about the accident with anyone other than the attorney could negatively impact your case. Instead, avoid social media and allow a lawyer to discuss the details with the insurance adjuster.

When you hire an improper turn car accident lawyer, they protect you from rights violations and unfortunate mistakes that could damage your claim. In addition, when you have questions about the case, you can turn to them rather than figure it out alone.

What Damages Can You Recover Through a Personal Injury Claim?

The value of your claim is based on the damages available in your case. The court refers to these as economic and non-economic damages. They include your specific or monetary losses and general losses. The availability and value of damages depend on the severity of your accident and injuries.

Specific Damages

Specific damages, also known as economic losses, reflect the financial consequences of the accident and your injuries. They include medical expenses, such as emergency care, hospital stays, ongoing outpatient treatments, rehabilitative care, and necessary medications or medical devices. Other specific damages include the income lost from missed work or loss of earning capacity and the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged property. In addition, if you need replacement services, such as in-home assistance or transportation, you can also claim those expenses.

General Damages

General damages, also known as non-economic losses, reflect the emotional and mental impact of the accident and your injuries. For example, if you sustained severe bodily harm, you could claim the physical pain and suffering caused by the injury and medical treatment endured. In addition, it is not uncommon for auto accident victims to experience anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress syndrome, sometimes to the extent that it impacts their daily lives. These are losses you can include in your claim. Calculating their monetary value and proving them is a process your attorney can help you understand. Your general damages often make up the highest value for a settlement or award, especially in cases involving severe injuries.

When Should You Schedule a Free Consultation With an Improper Turn Car Accident Lawyer?

Each car accident case has unique details that can affect the outcome of the claim. When you have questions about what happened, who is at fault, and what damages you can recover, you would likely benefit from speaking with an improper turn car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Additionally, insurance companies are often combative because it is in their best interests to minimize liability or undervalue your claim. An experienced attorney will protect you from any violation of your rights and ensure you get the compensation you need and deserve while also alleviating the heavy burden of building a solid case.

At Johnson Attorneys Group, our team of experienced car accident lawyers consistently sees cases involving improper turning. We know the applicable California laws that allow you to recover your losses and will fight tenaciously to protect you from anyone trying to hinder that process. We also charge no legal fees unless we successfully achieve a settlement or win your case in court. With nearly $100 million in wins for our clients in recent years, we have the proven ability to take on insurance companies and help personal injury victims restore their lives. Contact Johnson Attorneys Group at (800) 208-3538 to schedule your free consultation.

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