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Intersection Accident Lawyer in California

If you’ve been in an accident at an intersection in California, we have the personal injury law experience to help you win compensation for the harm you have suffered. Getting prompt legal attention for your case can make or break your eligibility for full compensation under California law.


Collisions at Intersections

California’s rules of the road provide clear guidance for the right-of-way at street crossings. Nevertheless, intersections present some of the most challenging traffic situations for drivers to handle. The Federal Highway Administration reports that almost half of all crashes happen at intersections. Intersections set the stage for more than a fifth of U.S. traffic fatalities. Drivers, cyclists, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians all face heightened risks where streets intersect.

Sometimes drivers are careless. Sometimes they speed. Some have had a few drinks, and still, others are looking at smartphones. Some are overtired. A momentary lapse in another motorist’s focus can lead to that driver:

  • Driving through a stop sign or light, resulting in head-on collision or T-bone accident.
  • Making a turn at the intersection while you have yet to make your way out.
  • Not noticing a light, resulting in a rear-end collision.

Establishing Fault for Intersection Accidents

Factual questions about your case will gravitate to the issue of fault. In some cases, the issue of fault is murky. Often, two parties in a collision will have substantially different accounts of the incident or will recall conflicting details of what occurred on the scene. This is common even if the other side’s fault seemed clear-cut. Also, it’s common for a driver to admit fault at the scene, only to change the story later.

Comparative fault is the policy in California. That means even if the other party has admitted fault for the collision, the amount you recover can be lowered by your percentage of responsibility for the incident. If you thought, for example, that you need not have looked both ways before making a crossing because you had the right-of-way, the other party (or that party’s insurance adjustor) may assert that you were partially at fault.

Checklist: What to Do First

  • Call the Police.
  • Exchange information with others involved and any witnesses.
  • Photograph the accident scene, surroundings, and vehicles. Take pictures of any injuries you have, or ask someone to take pictures if you can’t. Keep any evidence of fault. Also, keep any evidence of relevant physical hazards at the intersection (as listed in the next section).
  • Go to the hospital or doctor’s office. Receive any immediate medical help you need.
  • Call Johnson Attorneys Group for a free case review.
  • Do not talk about the incident with the other people involved or their insurance representatives. Your statements can be examined for details that might weaken your personal injury claim.
  • Rest assured. We will work hard to ensure that your situation is understood correctly and that you recover all you’re entitled to.

Hazardous Roadways

Some accidents at road crossings occur because of dangerous road conditions. If this is your situation, document what you can. For example:

  • Reduced visibility of traffic signs from poor government maintenance, storm damage, tree blockage, etc.
  • Unsafe road or intersection design
  • Badly positioned traffic signs
  • Poorly lit intersections
  • Broken pavement or road clutter
  • Poorly timed, damaged, or malfunctioning traffic signals

Non-Driver Injuries

People moving on bicycles and motorcycles, or on foot, lack protections and face special risks at street crossings. Drivers might not be anticipated, and therefore fail to yield to, the cyclist or pedestrian moving through the intersection. Resultant injuries can range from broken bones, paralysis, or death.

Contact Our California Intersection Accident Attorneys

Accidents at intersections involve complex sets of facts and legal issues. Johnson Attorneys Group knows how to handle intersection accident claims in California. We have the experience to examine what occurred in your case, and to fully evaluate your legal position. We will anticipate every detail relevant to the insurance company, protect your rights, and ensure you are awarded the compensation to which you are entitled.

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. But at some point in our lives, just about all of us will be. If you’re dealing with intersection car accident injuries in California, hire an experienced lawyer to work on your side.

Contact the Johnson Attorneys Group at one of many locations by calling 1-800-208-3538.

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