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Lawyer for Rape Victim in California

We understand that victims of sexual assault or rape not only often suffer massive physical injuries but also a lifetime of emotional damages. In most cases, California’s criminal justice systems can fail to obtain a conviction against the offenders or just fail to prosecute them. Fortunately, a seasoned lawyer for rape survivors in California can help to pursue justice for the victim by filing a civil claim against the offender.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice indicate that 100 percent of reported rapes, 17 percent sexual assaults, and 39 percent attempted rapes between 1992 and 2000 resulted in injuries to the victims. We realize how difficult it can be to reach out for help on such a sensitive issue and how much courage it can take to move forward. If you’re a survivor of rape in California, contact Johnson Attorneys Group, we are prepared to diligently protect your rights and have a proven track record of successfully prosecuting personal injury cases from rape or sexual assault.

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California Rape Victim Injury Laws

The California rape laws forbid any sexual intercourse that occurs without the consent of the other participant. Rape is a wider category of sexual assault, including groping and other unconsented sexual touches. Here are the scenarios where a sexual intercourse can be considered a rape by the California state laws:

  • The defendant exerted physical force, duress, intimidation, or threat.
  • The victim did not have the capacity to consent (intoxication, physical disability, or developmental delay).
  • The victim was asleep, unconscious, or simply unaware of the occurrence of the intercourse.
  • The defendant made a fraudulent representation to induce the sexual intercourse.

Additionally, the State law considers it rape when an adult engages in a sexual intercourse with a minor (18 years or younger). The severity of the charge will depend on the victim’s age and the age difference between the victim and the defendant.

What Compensation Options are Available?

Through a sexual abuse lawyer in California, a rape survivor may be eligible for compensation for the injuries incurred as a result of the sexual assault. Some of the sexual assault-related losses may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Relocation costs
  • Funeral expenses

Johnson Attorneys Group sexual abuse lawyer in California is uniquely suited to help you negotiate the California criminal justice system and get the compensation for the losses incurred. We can help the victim or his/her family members file a lawsuit for financial damages against the perpetrator or seek compensation from “CalVCP” (the California Victim Compensation Board) for victims of violent sexual assault. Alternatively, if the perpetrator pleads guilty and is convicted, we can help you apply for restitution from the California criminal court.

Contact Johnson Attorneys Group for a Free Sexual Assault Case Evaluation

Johnson Attorneys Group understands how difficult it can be to come forward with this a charge of sexual assault. We know it takes courage to move forward and protect your rights. We are experienced in sexual assault cases and can help you get the maximum recovery for your injuries, pain, and suffering. At Johnson Attorneys Group, we don’t charge any legal fees until we’ve won or settled your case. Call us on 1-800-208-3538 for a free case evaluation.

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