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Limousine Accident Lawyer in California


Choosing to travel in a class by hiring a limousine is a luxury used for executive transportation, a spontaneous outing or a special occasion that was months in the planning. The word limousine encompasses a wide range of vehicles like stretch sedans, stretch limos and limo buses. A chauffeured limo ride is an indulgence, with an unspoken expectation of safety and reliability. That does not mean that limousine accident never occur, however, most limo collisions are low-impact due to the large size and weight of these vehicles. If you are involved in a limo accident as a passenger, it is very important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you show no signs of harm, you may have suffered a neck or head injury but have no immediate symptoms.

If you have been injured in a devastating limousine accident as a passenger or have been struck by a limo in your vehicle, you need to understand your rights, the statute of limitations for legal action and the liability of the limousine driver and fleet company. Proper legal representation from an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge in California limo accidents is essential to help you deal with insurance companies, law enforcement and other parties of interest so you can begin the healing process and moving forward with your life. The advocates at Johnson Attorneys Group have won thousands of cases and have the resources to help you win or successfully settle your case.

Common Types of Limo Accidents

Limousines are very large vehicles- that both works as an advantage in a collision and can be a major contributing cause of an accident. Difficulty to quickly maneuver out of harms way along with vast blind spots and a very wide turn radius can all contribute to a vehicle accident. Aside from size, there are also driver negligence and accident types that are common in all auto collisions that may be a particular issue for limousines of all kinds. Here are the most common types of limo accidents:

  •   Rear-Ending Accident – A rear-ending accident is the most common type of limousine accident. Either the limo driver is following too closely to the car in front and is unable to stop in time or another vehicle traveling behind a limo doesn’t stop in time will cause a rear-end collision.
  •   Multi-Vehicle Collision – Factors like speeding, chauffeur negligence behind the wheel and poor weather conditions can result in a collision that causes a chain-reaction, with more vehicles crashing into the original accident leading to a multi-vehicle pile-up.
  •   Parked Car Accident – this type of collision usually does not result in passenger injury but hitting a parked car accounts for 13% of all limo accident insurance claims. Navigating through a parking lot or on a narrow roadway lined with parked cars can be difficult for a limousine if the driver is not careful.
  •   Side-Impact Collision – A limo that hits a fixed object on the side of the roadway or comes in contact with another car can be a potentially tragic beginning to a more serious car crash. A sideswipe accident can involve another car, guardrail, mailbox, sign or a parked car.

Limousine Driver Negligence

While there are many different factors that may contribute to a limo collision, liability of a negligent driver, due to reckless conduct behind the wheel, is important to determine. A Chauffeur is a professional driver who is obligated by law to operate under the highest degree of care and safety and can be held legally responsible for any injuries or damage caused as a result of negligence while transporting passengers. Some common negligent behaviors that may cause limo accidents are:

  •        Aggressive Driving
  •        Speeding in Excess of the Posted Limit
  •        Dangerous or Careless Driving
  •        Unsafe Lane Changes
  •        Failure to Obey Traffic Signs & Signals
  •        Driver Fatigue
  •        Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Limousine Safety Legislation in California

Limousines are within the classification of common carriers in California, which means they are an established entity or corporation that promotes itself as a transportation-based company with the purpose of transporting individuals from one location to another with a set standard of fees. In tort law, common carriers have a legal obligation called ‘Duty of Care’ that requires an elevated standard of reasonable care and prevention of foreseeable harm for their passengers. In addition, safety legislation detailed in Assembly Bill No. 863 requires all limousines have addition emergency exits. They are required to have at least one pop-out window and two rear side doors.

If you or someone you love has been the victim in a limo accident, immediately call the police to report the accident and contact an experienced limousine accident lawyer before speaking to the limousine fleet company’s insurance representatives to help safeguard your legal rights and ensure you get the maximum compensation for any expenses incurred as a result of the accident:

  •   Medical Expenses
  •   Loss of Income
  •   Pain and Suffering
  •   Funeral Expenses
  •   Loss of Consortium
  •   Punitive Damage

Call Johnson Attorneys Group at 1-800-208-3538 for your complimentary, free case review, we do not charge any legal fees until we successfully settle or win your case. Our vehicle accident lawyers have recovered more than $50 million for our clients over the past few years, learn more about clients we’ve helped by viewing our case results. It is very important to take action and contact an experienced, qualified limousine accident injury attorney to preserve your legal rights.

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