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Product Liability Lawyer in California for Unsafe Child Toys

When a toymaker puts a product into your child’s hands, they have an obligation to make certain it meets safety standards. An unsafe toy can result in your youngster choking on a loose part or suffering a debilitating injury. These dangerous toys present an unacceptable danger to innocent children.

If your child has been hurt, it’s important to enlist the help of an experienced California children’s toy injury attorney. At the Johnson Attorney Group, we fight to get California families the compensation you deserve from negligent toy manufacturers and distributors.

Understanding California Toy Safety Standards

Children’s toys are no exception to the rule that all consumer products must stand up to reasonably safe use. The design, materials, and durability should reflect the way children interact with a given toy. Something might be considered an unsafe toy if it cannot withstand the normal rough use expected of children.

The average toddler or youth may drop, throw or clash together things like toy trucks, planes, rattles and even age-appropriate electronic devices. It’s also reasonable to expect these items don’t come apart and that ending up in a child’s mouth is dangerous.

Unfortunately, many companies are more interested in turning a profit than keeping your child safe. That’s why when children suffer needlessly because of dangerous toys, those are not “accidents,” it’s negligence.

Holding Careless Toy Manufacturers and Retailers Accountable

Despite the fact that many dangerous toys are made outside of California, they can be held culpable in state courts. The state has product liability laws that provide a pathway to compensation. An experienced product liability attorney will be tasked with bringing a claim based on negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability. A civil lawsuit will hinge on proving things that include:

  • Design Defect: This may render a toy inherently unsafe for a child’s use and the designer at fault.
  • Manufacturing Defect: This is a failure to meet design safety standards and the toymaker may be liable for resulting injuries.
  • Inadequate Warning: The failure to provide necessary information about dangers can apply to parties throughout the product chain, including designers, manufacturers and retailers.

From a parent or guardian’s perspective, a children’s toy injury may be the result of companies not taking their due diligence seriously. Products are sometimes rushed to market or companies simply do not comply with rigorous child safety standards that are in place.

An Experienced California Product Liability Lawyer Can Help You with Your Children’s Toy Injury – Get a Free Case Review

When a child has been injured due to an unsafe toy, parents and guardians can expect that company and its insurance carrier to rally attorneys to deny you fair compensation. Product liability cases often result in costly recalls that impact a big corporation’s bottom line. But our experienced children’s toy injury attorney can often work out a suitable settlement agreement. When they won’t be reasonable, we’ll see them in court!

If your child has been harmed by an unsafe toy, contact the Johnson Attorneys Group at 1-800-208-3538 for a complimentary consultation and case evaluation. Our attorneys do not charge legal fees unless we successfully settle or win your case.

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