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Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accident Lawyer in California

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are great for family vacations, and some people even make a home out of them. You can see RVs on our highways and freeways throughout the year because, in California, there’s always someplace to go and see. But RVs are big, bulky things, and passengers are not always wearing a seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion. In fact, most passengers don’t because one may be sleeping on the bed or sofa while another passenger is at the table playing a game of cards. Compounding the situation are plates, glasses, pans, and other items in cupboards, and though many have their cabinets latched and locked, others don’t. When a collision occurs, these types of conditions can transform an accident into a tragedy. RVs because of their size, have a tendency to roll over, which is a type of accident that statistically leads to higher injuries, including catastrophic injuriesspinal cord injuries, or death. Imagine plates and glass flying alongside passengers without seatbelts.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident involving an RV, contact our California personal injury lawyers. Together, our team has claimed more than $97 million within the last few years. Give us a call at 1-800-208-3538 today!

Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawyer in California

Types of Recreational Vehicles

There are a number of different recreational vehicles, and the type may affect the severity of the collision. The bulkier and heavier ones can be more dramatic than smaller campers or trailers. The different types include but are not limited to:

  • Campervans
  • Motorhomes
  • Fifth wheels
  • Truck camper
  • Popup camper
  • Travel trailer
  • Toy haulers.

Some RVs are drive-able while others are attached to the vehicle. In either scenario, they pose an increased risk if a collision occurs. Motorhomes are particularly risky given the scenario above where passengers are not necessarily in seatbelts, but moving around at their own will.

Common Causes of RV Accidents in California

In almost all cases, like car accidents, the primary cause is human error. Sometimes it may be a manufacturing defect or environmental issue like high winds or road design, but in large part it is human-made. RVs, however, are more susceptible to the slightest degree of human error because of their sheer size and awkwardness in addition to the reduced visibility and complex maneuvering. That said, common causes of RV accidents include but are not limited to:

  • Inexperienced drivers (California requires special licenses for some RVs based on length and weight, but no training is necessary)
  • Senior Drivers (10% of all RV drivers are seniors, and with old age comes reduced ability to drive, stay focused, or react appropriately)
  • Poor turn calculation (sharp, narrow turns prove exceptionally difficult to maneuver the RV)
  • Miscalculation of accurate stopping distances (it takes longer for heavier, bulkier loads to stop, not like a normal passenger car or SUV)
  • Speeding (the faster you are going, the more severe the impact will be)
  • Exhausted drivers (those driving RVs are often traveling, so they tend to be more fatigued than other drivers)
  • Overloaded RVs or imbalanced RVs (too much weight or loading up one side of an RV more than the other side can pose significant risks)
  • Runaway trailers (the weight can cause emergency brakes to fail, but so can brake defects)
  • Blind spots (given the size and shape of the RV, it’s simply harder to see other cars beside of you).

Determining the cause of the accident is important because it is the first step to determining fault.

Finding Fault in an RV Accident

In California, if you are injured, you have the right to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Even if you are partly to blame for the accident, you are still entitled to compensation in proportion for what the other party is responsible. But finding fault is not as easy as it sounds. Maybe the driver of the RV turned too sharply and rolled over, but maybe there was also a hidden steering defect that exacerbated the issue. Our experienced personal injury lawyer will know what to look for via a thorough investigation. At Johnson Attorneys Group, we also have resources and a network of experts to conduct the thorough investigation in a timely yet efficient manner. It is always in your best interests – if you want to maximize your chances of recovering the fairest and most just compensation award – that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Contact Johnson Attorneys Group for RV Accident Representation in California

Johnson Attorneys Group has established a reputation of strong, compassionate and comprehensive legal representation. We have recovered nearly $100 million for our clients in recent years alone. We use our resources and legal capabilities to build a strong case and secure compensation that covers your medical expenses, therapy or rehabilitation, time off work, loss of future earnings or earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and other compensable damages. We handle your case on a contingency-fee basis, which means you only pay us a legal fee when we recover compensation for you. We are available day and night to take your call. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling us at (800) 208-3538.


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