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Road Rage Injury

Every year, road rage injury caused by aggressive driving will affect thousands of individuals driving in California. Unfortunately, an angry driver behind the wheel of an automobile can be extremely deadly, affecting unsuspecting drivers within their vicinity. Road rage is a crime and is generally defined as ‘using a car as a weapon by driving aggressive and with wreckless intent towards another driver or pedestrian’.

If you have been involved in a road rage incident in California, seek the professional advice of the personal injury lawyers at Johnson Attorney Group. We take the time with each of our clients to make sure they fully understand their legal rights and we will gently lead you through the process of recovering damage.

What Constitutes Road Rage in California

A vehicle can weigh between 2 and 3 tons, and whether the car is moving fast or slow – the force of impact can cause a serious road rage injury or even death. The greater the speed of the aggressive driver, the more serious will be the injuries to the target individual and others that happen to be within striking distance. Road rage injury is caused by reckless or aggressive driving. Some examples include:

    • cutting off other drivers in an aggressive manner
    • tailgating or driving to close to another driver
    • forcefully honking the horn in an intimidating manner
    • screaming or yelling at other pedestrians or drivers
    • slamming on breaks unexpectedly to cause alarm
    • making obscene gestures or other antagonizing behavior

It is considered a crime in California to use a vehicle in an aggressive or threatening manner. If you are the victim of a road rage injury, our skilled California lawyer at Johnson Attorneys Group can present your case as an assault with a deadly weapon.

Know Your Options in the Event of Road Rage Injury

The responsible action, when confronted with an aggressive driver, is to avoid the driver and refrain from doing anything that will escalate the situation. Even if the other person is clearly in the wrong, the safe option is to remain calm, avoid eye contact, and if possible – change your route to bring an end to the confrontation. Yet, when anger spirals out of control and causes injury to you or your loved ones, speak to a Johnson Attorney Group personal injury lawyer right away.

If your road rage incident leads to physical injury or property damage, our lawyer will use the California penal laws to recover payment for damages, which might include:

    • monetary damages for physical pain or emotional suffering
    • medical bills related to your injury
    • damage done to your vehicle

Your attorney will seek to prove liability that must hold up to three key legal conditions:

    1. legal duty – irresponsible actions that do not show care for the other person
    2. breach of legal duty – the person failed to demonstrate a duty of care
    3. damages/suffering – as a result of a breach of a legal duty

Contact Our Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers in California Today

In cases of road rage injury, you can’t rely on the Insurance company to battle for your rights. You need an advocate on your side that is a skilled negotiator, to make sure you get the maximum recovery for your California road rage injuries. At Johnson Attorneys Group in California, you can contact us 24/7 and we offer free case evaluations. Johnson Attorneys Group does not charge any legal fees unless they successfully settle or win your case.

Give Johnson Attorneys Group a call today at 1-800-208-3538 for a free consultation.

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