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Sexual Assault Attorney in California

Father John Crews, Former Priest Hanna Boys Center, Accused Sexual Assault

Johnson Attorneys Group has earned its reputation as a prominent California sexual abuse law firm by standing up to abusers and those who employ them such as school districts, government agencies, churches, business or corporations and others.

There is an epidemic of sexual abuse cases throughout the United States, but particularly in California where it has surfaced over and over again.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a sexual assault, we understand how difficult it may be to come forward and accuse your attacker especially if it is a person who holds a position at a church or school in the community. However, it’s important that the abuse is stopped and the abuser is held accountable so this won’t happen to any other innocent victims.

Rape or sexual assaults are considered very serious crimes under California law. Punishment depends on the specific circumstances and facts but can be as little as a year in jail or decades behind bars in state prison. The district attorney’s office or DA will likely press charges against the abuser and hopefully, prevent them from doing any future harm.

However, if you or a loved one has been the victim of a rape, molestation or sexual attack, you should know there is both a criminal case against the attacker as well as a civil claim. By filing a civil claim, a victim may be able to obtain monetary compensation. Moving forward in a civil case often is the only way to stop the abuse from continuing. It’s also important that immediate steps are taken to obtain restitution from the perpetrator and anyone else responsible for what happened to you. For more information, contact our sex abuse victim’s attorney hotline at 800-235-6801 for a free consultation.

Types of Sexual Assault


Forced sexual intercourse against a woman, man or child. It doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual orientation is, the law applies equally to all people. This crime may also be accomplished by the suspect threatening to retaliate against the victim in the future, kidnapping or inflict physical pain in an effort to get them to cooperate with the act of intercourse. The act of intercourse needs not be complete to qualify as a rape. Even a slight penetration qualifies and ejaculation is not necessary for a conviction.

Statutory rape

Rape or unlawful intercourse with a person under age 18 years old.

Gang rape

More than one person commits the act of rape on a victim against their will.


Anal sex using a body part or an object forced against a person’s will.

Forced penetration

This is also considered rape, but using an object instead of a body part.

Sexual touching

Unwanted sexual touching of private parts made on bare skin or with clothing on.

Oral copulation

Forced sexual contact using a person’s mouth.

Types of crimes used to commit sexual attack


Using force or threat to abduct or take a person against their will and unlawfully transporting them and keeping them captive and or asking for ransom.  These charges may also be reduced to unlawful confinement of a person. There is a psychological component involved in these cases because the person may also fear for their lives and general safety.

Drugs and alcohol

Substances such as drugs or alcohol can be used to make it easier on an individual to overpower a person or even knock them out to commit a sexual assault or rape.  Sexual contact with a person who is unconscious or inebriated is unlawful.

Threat of Authority Figures

Prison Officers, Police, immigration officials, employers, etc.: Many crimes against victims are committed by people who are in positions of authority over the victim who coerces them into an act against their will by threatening to arrest, deport or punish them if they do not comply.

Trickery or bribery

The use of money or gifts to bribe or trick a minor or other victim into committing acts they do not want to do.


Recently multiple Varsity athletes and adult coaches were arrested in Texas after they were accused of sadistic rituals on freshman. The suspects sodomized victims using flashlights, broomsticks and Gatorade bottles in what was described as hazing ritual between young male teens. School district officials, principals, coaches, teachers often have knowledge of such acts and yet turn a blind eye as they fail to report these crimes immediately to police as required under law.

Human Trafficking

A violation of human rights that has serious consequences. Recruiting, transporting, harboring human beings for purposes of financial gain and forcing them to perform sexual acts by coercion and or by kidnapping the victims.

Sex Crimes Involving Children or Child Molestation

The age of consent in California is 18 years old so any type of sexual contact is prohibited with a person who is 17 years or younger because they are not deemed old enough to give consent. A person who has sex with a minor whether they agreed or not is guilty of statutory rape. Additionally, sex with a person who is mentally handicapped may also be considered a statutory rape.

Child Molestation

They come from all walks of life. Teachers, daycare workers, doctors, therapists, athletic coaches and even parent volunteers. They are different, but they all have the same thing in common, they are in a position of trust and they have access to children and or young people.

Sexual assault or abuse is considered to be molestation when it involves a minor. An adult who forces a child or young person into having undesired sexual contact with them or another person is committing a sex crime punishable under California law.

This non-consensual or forced physical contact often involves rape, sodomy, oral sex acts, physical assault, unlawful confinement and kidnapping which is quite often accompanied by psychological abuse including harassment, stalking.

Internet Sex Crimes

The internet is often used by sexual predators to lure or contact children and young people. It’s a way for these criminals to reach out to victims under the guise of being someone they are not, to identify vulnerable individuals and groom them or lure them into a trap where they can carry out a sexual attack. Solicitation of sex online with the use of photographs and identity fraud is very common.


For child molestation is common. It is often used by perpetrators to harm children and teenagers. A suspect may seduce a young person by offering false promises or misrepresentations or use a decoy or other persuasive tactics to get a child to go someone with them. The intent is to get the child somewhere where they may commit a lewd or lascivious act on them without being caught.


A victim who is stalked or repeatedly harassed by a person may eventually find themselves being a victim of a sexual attack.


Child molesters often use tactics to groom their victims prior to a sexual assault or rape. They often target young people who are having problems in their life, they don’t have many friends, they’ve been bullied or are going through turmoil at home such as parents having a divorce.

Other Types of Sexual Abuse

Workplace abuse

It is not uncommon for sexual abuse to take root in the workplace between coworkers, employer, and employees or by third parties who have access to employees. Many people abuse their position and use it as leverage to assault a victim. An employee is protected by state and federal laws against unwanted sexual abuse and harassment.

Foster Care Abuse

Crimes against children who live in foster care often go unreported for extended periods of time because many victims are afraid or ashamed to report the problem. Roughly 75 percent of children in the system report they were sexually abused at one time while in the foster system. Johns Hopkins University did a study that revealed sexual abuse in foster care is four times higher than the general population and 28 times higher in group home situations.

Elder Sexual Abuse

Typically, unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact can happen in the nursing home environment by the primary caregiver responsible for taking care of the victim. Women are six times more likely than men to be victims.

Massage Parlors

Unwanted inappropriate touching or sexual contact by a massage therapist on a client or forced sexual contact or intimidation. Oftentimes, a predator is a known sexual offender and a company employing them could be held accountable.

We are Here to Help

Johnson Attorneys Group has built its reputation by treating its clients with dignity and respect. Our California sexual abuse attorneys will work tirelessly to achieve justice for you but will do so with compassion and understanding necessary under these delicate circumstances. Over the past decade, our law firm has obtained millions for our deserving clients.

Call our sexual abuse lawyer hotline at 1-800-235-6801 to speak with an attorney today. Our consultations are always free of charge and confidential.

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