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Slip and Fall on Stairways Without Adequate Handrails

In California, 20 to 30% of people who experience a slip and fall accident experience moderate to severe injuries. But when these accidents occur on stairs where no handrail is present, not only are injuries 30% more likely to occur but they are more severe in nature. Victims of slip and fall accidents on stairs with no handrail may receive compensation for their injuries and damages. However, victims must take action in a timely fashion to receive what they are owed. Contacting the party responsible for the area where the fall occurred, insurance providers, and seeking an attorney for legal representation are all important steps to recovery.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall injury on stairs due to a missing handrail, call Johnson Attorneys Group at 1-800-208-3538 today for your free case evaluation.

California Slip and Fall Laws

When you legally enter a space for which you are not responsible for the upkeep and safety of those who pass through, you have a legal right to expect certain standards of safety to be in place. Most spaces are owned by an individual, a group, or government body. As long as you are permitted to be on those premises, those responsible for the area are liable for any injuries that result due to their own negligence.

Negligence is a legal term indicating a failure to render ethical and appropriate actions which can reasonably prevent foreseeable injury or misfortune. In California, stairways are required to be equipped with a handrail. If you have fallen and sustained an injury resulting from a lack of handrail support, you may have a right to compensation.

In some cases, mechanical problems may lead to a failure of the handrail. If this is the case, you may win compensation if you did not damage the handrail yourself in some way. If the rail failed due to improper installation or upkeep, it could constitute negligence on the part of the party responsible for manufacturing the handrail or the person who applied improperly installed the handrail.

What Kind of Compensation is Available?

If you are owed compensation due to a fall involving stairs with a nonexistent or inadequate handrail an assessment of your losses will be made. You may receive compensation for any loss resulting from your injury such as pain and suffering, the time is taken off work, medical bills, missing or damaged property are common types of damages that victims receive compensation for.

An Experienced California Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help You with Your Slip and Fall Accident

When you attempt to win compensation for a slip and fall injury, chances are you will face an army of insurance adjusters, investigators, lawyers and other experts who will attempt to prevent you from receiving what you are due.

The slip and fall attorneys at Johnson Attorneys Group have many years of experience in these types of cases and have won more than $100 million in damages for our clients in recent years.

Call the Johnson Attorneys Group at 1-800-208-3538 today for your complimentary slip and fall case evaluation.

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