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T-Bone Accident Lawyer in California

Side impact collisions, sometimes called “T-Bone Accidents” describe the type of collision that involves the front of one vehicle striking another vehicle’s side, creating a “T” shape. Oftentimes, these T-bone accidents occur at an intersection when one motorist failed to stop or yield to the other. Nearly 18% of all lethal car accidents in the state of California are the result of T-bone collisions. Side impact collisions are one of the most dangerous types of collisions because the side of your car is much weaker than the front or rear, where components of the engine or the trunk buffers the blow. How badly you can get hurt varies depending on the vehicle you drive, the type of vehicle the other person drives, speed of both vehicles, and other factors.

If you have been injured in a T-bone collision, the emotional toll is often combined with significant and unexpected expenses and financial losses. When a loved one is killed, the families left behind are often left dealing with the grief and pain of their loved one’s loss as well as the financial losses. In a case where the other driver is responsible for the collision, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering as well as recover damages for both your economic and noneconomic losses.

At Johnson Attorneys Group, we offer free case evaluations, and you pay nothing unless and until we recover money for you. We serve clients across California. To find out more about your T-bone accident injuries, contact the auto accident lawyers at Johnson Attorneys Group today.


Common Car Accident Side Impact Injuries

Common auto accident injuries from side impact collisions can include, but are not limited to:

You May be Entitled to Compensation with the Help of a California Auto Accident Lawyer

The impact of a T-bone collision extends beyond just the financial aspect for car repairs and medical bills. The non-economic impact can involve the short- and long-term physical, emotional and psychological effects, while the economic impact can include the financial and employment consequences.

When you receive compensation for being the victim of a negligent driver, both economic and non-economic consequences are considered.

Emotional: The emotional toll can be staggering, especially for a person who survived a car crash when a spouse, child or friend died. Intense anger, grief, pain, and sadness at the injustice of the situation can overwhelm a person. The “what ifs?” can bombard your thinking: What if I’d left earlier? What if I’d driven a little slower? We tend to blame ourselves, even when the other driver is clearly at fault, and this emotional turmoil takes its toll on the body. By taking that first courageous step in filing a lawsuit, you may be able to receive some compensation for your emotional suffering, and hold the other driver accountable.

Psychological: The most overlooked consequence of an auto accident, the psychological aspect, can be crushing. Post-trauma reactions can emerge, as the victim may find themselves no longer able to drive a vehicle due to intense fear. This impact greatly limits a person’s ability to live a fully functioning life.

Financial: Oftentimes the most tangible consequence of an accident, the financial impact, can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands and thousands of dollars pertaining to:

  • Auto repairs
  • Wage losses
  • Hospital bills
  • Long term trauma and relationship therapy
  • Required time and money for physical rehabilitation
  • The list of financial losses can go on and on.

Employment: The impact on employment can range from a few days off work to a substantial period of rehabilitation time. You may need time to regain certain functions to complete specific tasks in your position, especially regarding physical lifting and movement. This can even lead to being laid off for inability to reach the minimum requirements for your job. There is no question that an auto accident can greatly affect your career path.

Contact a California Auto Accident Attorney for a Free T-Bone Accident Case Review

At Johnson Attorneys Group, our lawyers provide FREE consultations and we have 12 easily accessible locations throughout California. We offer free consultations to people throughout California. If you don’t recover money for your case with our help, you don’t owe us a thing. If we win your case, you pay a percentage to cover our attorney fees and costs.

If you or a loved one was injured in a T-Bone collision, call us at Johnson Attorneys Group. Let us help you get the justice you deserve today.

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