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When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

The legal battlefield of a personal injury claim is deeply complex and fighting with insurance companies on settlements that you are entitled to after a loss or injury can feel overwhelming and frustrating. If any of the following sounds remotely like your situation, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney and receive professional counsel to help you understand your options.

1. You now have long-term injuries or are permanently disabled.

Your life has been altered. Your permanent disability or long-term injury is going to require you to significantly change the way you do even the simplest tasks. In many cases full-time care or in-home assistance is now needed. But even if this isn’t your situation, any long-term injury is going to impact your earning capacity over time, and you should immediately contact an attorney to help you pursue every possible avenue of compensation for your injuries and unforeseen losses.

2. Liability Is unclear because multiple parties are involved.

When the lines of liability are grey and fault for the injuries is not clearly defined, it’s time to speak to an attorney. Dealing with insurance companies when there are multiple parties involved in an injury accident is frustratingly complicated and because of the shared liability, you may receive only a fraction of the settlement that you are entitled to. You may even become the part at fault, meaning your compensation becomes significantly reduced, wiped out or, even worse, you end up paying, because you didn’t have the proper representation in your case. It is crucial that you seek legal counsel should there be multiple parties involved in your case.

3. The other party’s insurance company doesn’t settle.

It doesn’t matter how many times you call into the claims line of the at-fault party’s insurance company, nobody is returning your calls and when you do finally get an answer, it’s a denial of your claim. You’re an individual person making a claim against a large corporation and they refuse to give you the time, respect and compensation that you deserve. When the insurance company is refusing to pay or engaging in ‘Bad Faith Tactics’, you need assistance from an experienced attorney, and you need it now.

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