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Who is Liable for Accidents Caused by Driverless Cars in California?

Recently reported accidents involving driverless or semi-autonomous driving systems have California drivers asking, ‘who is liable for accidents caused by driverless cars?’ California is on the forefront of driverless and self-driving technology and has been regulating this technology since 2012, as the current laws stand each individual accident is assessed to determine the liable party.

We are witnessing a glimpse of the future as public roadways are increasingly used by driverless car owners and are utilized for testing self-driving or fully-autonomous vehicles at an increasing number. Proving negligence for an auto accident involving a semi-autonomous car is determined if the person behind the wheel was at fault or the automaker for flawed or malfunctioning technology.

If you have been in an auto accident with a driverless car in California, you may be entitled to compensation for any resulting injuries and losses due to the negligence of the other driver or their semi-autonomous vehicle. Contact Johnson Attorneys Group today at 800-248-6822 for your complimentary case review to determine your legal options.

Man in a Driverless Car

Understanding Semi-Autonomous Technology

Semi-autonomous or driverless vehicles use radar detectors and cameras to scan the surroundings to control the vehicle. This innovative technology will keep the car within its lane and accelerate, break or pass another car without the assistance of the driver.

Driverless cars can fail from the driver or operator’s misuse or from a malfunction in the technology. Semi and fully-autonomous vehicle manufacturers and operators such as Tesla, Uber and Google are aware that as more and more accidents involving driverless cars occur, state and federal regulatory laws will be formed from how these cases are being handled now.

Current State and Federal Regulations

Today’s regulations clearly state that a driver should be alert at all times while driving any vehicle to ensure he or she has enough time to react and respond to potential road hazards and dangerous situations. A semi-autonomous car manufacturer or operator can be held criminally liable under current regulations for traffic law violations.

Current state and federal regulations have not adapted to driverless technology and still treat the driver and vehicle as separate entities. As lawmakers move forward, regulations will likely show the driver as the vehicle for driverless and autonomous vehicles. Liability for auto accidents involving these vehicles will need to apply to both the automated driving technology and the human driver.

While drivers are expected to make intentional and conscious decisions when operating a motor vehicle, this is not something that driverless technology can achieve. Semi and fully-autonomous cars are incapable of intentional decision making, they are only capable of making decisions based on the algorithm they are programmed with.

Legal Help for Driverless Vehicle Accidents in California

If you have been injured in a car accident involving a driverless car, semi-autonomous vehicle, self-driving vehicle or fully-autonomous car accident, seek an experienced car accident attorney in California to navigate the legal system and help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. At Johnson Attorneys Group, we have won thousands of vehicle accident cases in California and have the resources to help you successfully settle or win your case. Learn more about the clients we’ve helped by viewing our case results. You will never pay legal fees unless we have a successful resolution for your driverless car accident case.

Contact Johnson Attorneys Group today at 1-800-208-3538 for your free case evaluation.

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