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Zoo Injury Lawyer in California

People visit zoos every day expecting nothing more than a fun day looking at wildlife. For some, that day turns into an experience of unimaginable terror and pain. A poor architecture may leave gaps exposing children to the risk of falling into animal enclosures. A lack of oversight might allow an animal to escape from its cage and run wild, putting visitors at risk.

If you have been injured at a zoo in California, call Johnson Attorneys Group at (800) 208-3538 today for a free case evaluation. You won’t pay any legal fees until we recover compensation for you. All you have to worry about is your recovery.

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Get Help Understanding Zoo Liability

Some victims survive attacks with non-life-threatening injuries. A raccoon escaped its habitat at the Bakersfield Zoo in 2010 and attacked a 30-year old man and his 8-year old daughter. The father ended up suffering severe injuries to the ends of his fingers. Others aren’t as lucky, like the case of a 17-year old killed at the San Diego zoo in 2007 when a tiger leaped over the barrier of its enclosure.

Victims injured at zoo facilities often find themselves dealing with sizeable medical expenses. Outside of the immediate physical pain, they must manage the mental trauma from the experience. This often requires long-term therapy to come to grips with.

It’s hard for victims to navigate the realities of what they’ve experienced. Many people lack the legal understanding of what they’re entitled to as determined by California lawJohnson Attorneys Group helps clients understand where a zoo may have failed to follow regulations designed to prevent the zoo injury they’ve endured.

Understanding California Laws

California law establishes several standards for defining negligence. Owners have an obligation to execute ordinary care depending on the type of facility they run. There are strict liability laws in place for private owners of exotic animals. That makes those owners fully responsible for any injuries caused by their pets.

Things get more complex when it comes to zoos. A 1952 ruling determined that it had to be shown that the zoo left their facility in a dangerous or defective condition that led to the injuries. Zoos sometimes use this standard to shift the blame to injured visitors, arguing that due caution was not taken when exploring their exhibits. This serves to intimidate victims still overwhelmed by what they’ve experienced and unsure of what path to take next.

Determining Who’s at Fault

lawyer experienced in handling incidents where the facility may be at fault understands what to look for when determining liability. Johnson Attorneys Group investigates to determine if the zoo did everything it could to keep their guests safe. They perform evaluations for blind spots in inspections done to the premises. The firm evaluates whether animal enclosures were built to standards laid out by governing bodies like the AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums). Clients obtain an understanding of who’s truly at fault and what compensation they’re entitled to.

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