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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer in California

Cruise ships are one of the top vacation choices for many Americans. California’s ports offer domestic and exotic destinations. Unfortunately, your carefree vacation can turn into a nightmare if you or someone you love suffers severe injury or death at sea. If you have experienced cruise ship injuries, you need to understand your rights and the timeframe for legal action. You need proven legal representation from an experienced maritime attorney with extensive knowledge of cruise ship passenger’s legal rights including California Common Carrier law, Admiralty law and the complexity of your contract of passage (ticket).

Dangers Aboard a Cruise Ship

A cruise offers a fantastic, relaxing way to see the world but, several incidents can occur causing accidents or tragedies aboard a cruise ship. For your safety, use common sense, be aware of your surroundings, attend lifeboat drills and learn where lifejackets and lifeboats are located, and how to utilize them. While succumbing to a heart attack is the leading cause of death aboard a cruise ship, there are also many other events that may result in an injury or fatality at sea:

  • Illness from food poisoning – Gastrointestinal diseases can quickly ruin your whole vacation. If you detect food poisoning, consult the ship’s doctor as soon as possible.
  • Slip and fall accident – A wet deck or flooring combined with the motion of the sea and crowded or cluttered common areas can create a dangerous slip and fall accident. Be sure to get immediate medical attention for a possible sprain, break or other serious injuries.
  • Onboard activities injury – Injuries can also occur onboard a cruise ship from pool accidents, waterslide accidents or other activities provided for passengers during your voyage. Children’s activities should always be monitored by parents to ensure proper supervision and safety.
  • Injury from falling objects – Unsecured objects may fall on unsuspecting passengers from upper decks and improperly stored objects can fall out from overhead storage compartments. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible; head injuries like concussions can be very serious.
  • Physical assault – An aggressive assault by a crewmember or other passenger often goes unreported because victims are unsure of their legal rights. Both maritime law and the Jones Act (laws and regulations for US waters and ports) protect victims of assault aboard a cruise ship.
  • Sexual assault – Alarming statistics show that most victims of sexual violence aboard cruise ships are minors. Immediately report sexual assault, seek medical treatment and call an experienced maritime attorney to ensure a proper investigation and make certain those responsible are prosecuted.
  • Falling Overboard – Fortunately, man-overboard accidents occur at a rate of about 1 in 1.3 million cruise ship passengers. Causes include intentional suicides and tragic results of deliberate, reckless acts. However, in many cases, the circumstances are unknown due to a lack of evidence or witnesses.
  • Sinking or grounding ship – The evacuation signal for evacuation is seven short horn blasts followed by one long blast. It is critical for you and your loved ones to stay calm and remember the evacuation drill instructions provided at the beginning of your voyage.

Your Rights for Cruise Ship Injury, Illness or Fatality

If you or someone you love has been the victim in a cruise ship accident, do not hesitate to call an experienced personal injury lawyer to help safeguard your legal rights and ensure you get the maximum compensation for any expenses incurred as a result of the accident:

  •    Medical Expenses including Rehabilitation
  •    Future Medical Expenses
  •    Loss Wages and Future Loss or Income Reduction
  •    Pain and Suffering
  •    Funeral Expenses
  •    Loss of Consortium (damages suffered by a spouse or family member)
  •    Punitive Damages (if defendant displayed an intent to harm or disregard safety)

Maritime Accident Claims

Maritime accident claims abide by a strict statute of limitations with specific restrictions for cruise ship crashes and accidents involving a fatality. It is imperative to take action quickly and contact an experienced maritime attorney to help with the cruise line insurance company and legal representatives. The statues for maritime law accident or fatality claims are different.  It is imperative to speak to an attorney to discuss the statute of limitations.

Fighting for Cruise Ship Accident Victims in California

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